Thursday, 29 September 2011

Human Feet Sketches

Here are some of my feet sketches that I did of my own feet at different angles. I did these to be able to get used to the idea of how humans feet structure works and looks like. I have also been doing some research and learning about the bone structure of the human bone structre of the foot, so I could do a bone sketch of my foot beside the main sketch. I have done this with my hand sketches as well as the face and head sketches.
Feet Sketches:

Foot Sketch 1 (Bone Sketch Underneath)

This was the first foot sketch I did. It went well i tried to hard to perfect the detail
which was not a bad thing, but I would have got it done alot quicker if I didnt.

Foot Sketch 2

This was quite a quick sketch compared to the first one, only because I
didn't have to do much to the heel because I went off the page but
I still learnt from this which is what I wanted from it.

Foot Sketch 3

I tried i different approach to this sketch because i did it in section, I drew blocks to
resemble sections of my feet and then filled them with detail and the rest of my foot.

Foot Sketch 4

On this sketch I did the same process like the first one to try and perfect detail but
sketching alot quicker then before, the turn out wearn't to bad and i like it.

Foot Sketch 5 (Bone Structure Underneath)

There was a bit of a problem with my camera that was playing up and i know i should
just of waited and maybe off got a better picture of it but it slipped my mind :/ All an all
though this is my favorite of the 5 sketches, every bit of practice does improve.

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