Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Uni 4: 2D Animatic Draft 2 (Sound)

Unit 4: 2D Animatic Draft (No Sound)

Unit 4: Final Storyboard

Here is the final storyboard scene by scene with the acts, scenes and title of the story. It took a while to create each scene to try and make the style of each one look the same but it was worth the work shame it took quite a bit of time though, Enjoy.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Unit 4: Character Expressions - Eustace

Here are some of the expressions that Eustace can do and most will most likely be in the story. Enjoy.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Unit 4: Environment Development - Farmyard

Here is the last of the development stages of the items I was given. The Environment was the one that took the longest only because I wanted it to be perfect and make sure the style and colour would match with the characters as well as the prop for the story. It is a pretty traditional farmyard nothing really that stands out to make it looks different than any ordinary farmyard, so all an all I thought I did pretty well with this one.





Unit 4: Character Development - The Crimson Corn

Last but not least ‘The Crimson Corn’ character development. His hero costume is to go with the theme of a 1960’s superhero show or cartoon that I wanted to go for, I have also coloured him in two different colour schemes. I would really appreciate it if anyone could leave a comment on which would be best out of the two colour schemes, couldn’t decide by myself.

There are quite a few changes with Eustace’s alter egos design, and firstly that’s the costume as well as his walking stick now turning into an extendable staff, he also has little wings on the back of his slippers.


Final Colour Scheme 1

Final Colour Scheme 2

Unit 4: Character Development - The Mighty Cockerel

Here is the 4th character development of Pete alter egos form ‘The Mighty Cockerel’. He looks pretty much the same the only major differences if his red boots and red eye mask to hide his identity of course. Sweet and to the point.

Final With Colour

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Unit 4 - Prop Development - Wheel Barrow

Here are the development stages as well as the final concept piece for the prop. The wheel barrow in this story is used as Eustace’s alter ego (The Crimson Corns) super vehicle, the WB2000X. The development of this prop was quite hard at first getting it to look like a wheel barrow with a hot rod type vide to it. The engine is underneath the wheel barrow with over the top exhausts curving out other side of the wheel barrow with the handle bars raised.



Final With Colour

Unit 4 - Character Silhouettes

Here are the Silhouettes for the characters (excluding The Crimson Corn & The Mighty Cockerel, they’ll be on the next one.) This will show you roughly the height of each one as they stand side by side as well as show if they work or not.

Unit 4 - Character Development - Agnes

This is the last of the character designs for the story. Eustace’s loving and caring wife ‘Agnes’ was also quite a simple character to design using the same kind of structure as Eustace it didn’t take too long to design, just the alteration of clothes and instead of a walking stick a pie.



Final With Colour

Unit 4 - Character Development - Pete

Here are the development stages to Eustace’s faithful cockerel, ‘Pete’. His design was quite simple, went straight onto Photoshop and designed him with the basic stages of cycles and cylinders and then moved onto more detail, then tone and colour to finalize it. I went for the comical cartoon effect for each of the characters to get a quite comical outcome.

Final Draft

Unit 4 - Character Development - Eustace

Sorry that this has taken a while to put up, I have had a lot going on recently with what I wanted to do with myself. Now that that phase is over and done with I can now crack on with the rest of what I have to do and catch up on the time that I have lost.
Here are the character development stages of ‘Eustace’ my main character within my story. I was stuck between two different designs off Eustace a frail old man with a back problem or a fat dopey type farmer. With time to think and assess which would be best I decided to go with Draft 1. (I know I should have consulted with my creative partners but it slipped my mind, I apologise). The other characters and prop were already designed and I was sure what I wanted them to look like without much development to the others.
Here is the development for ‘Eustace’ as well as the designs up to the final draft of each character.
Face and Head Designs of Draft 1 & 2
Draft 1 (Pencil)

Draft 2 (Pencil)

Draft 1 (Pencil Development)

Tone (Adobe)

Final with Colour (Adobe)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unit 4: OGR Story Telling Part One

OGR - Story Telling Part One

Unit 4: Script


Unit 4: Character Bio's

The Protagonist:
Name: Eustace Stone
Age: 71
Race: White/American
Hair Colour: Silver, short hair on the side’s bald on top
Facial Hair Colour: Silver, short Billie goat beard
Height: 5’4
Body Type: Stick like feature, skinny, hunched over
Face type: long face, grumpy look
Best Features: His Super hero form
Worst Features: Hates youths
His Superhero form:
                Name: ‘The Crimson Corn’
                Height: 5'8
                Body Type: Not as skinny as before, up right proportion
Powers: Enhanced Strength, Super Speed, Durability against bullets and minor explosions, Enhanced Hearing,
Sidekicks: His trusty sidekick ‘The Mighty Cockerel’ and his vehicle ‘The WB2000X’
The Sidekick:
                Name: Pete/The Mighty Cockerel
                Age: 3
                Feather Colour: Brown
                Height: 1’7
                Best feature: Trust worthy and loyal
Worst Feature: Wakes up Eustace every morning at sunrise
Protagonists Wife:
                Name: Agnes Stone
                Age: 69
                Race: White/American
                Hair Colour: Silver, short curly hair
                Height: 5’5
                Body Type: Stick like, frail, hunched over
                Face type: Pleasant smile, gravity hasn’t been kind to her face in the later years
Best Features: Loving caring wife looks after Eustace, brilliant cook
Worst Features: Forgetful, oblivious to her husband’s alter ego.

Unit 4: Step Out Line

Protagonist is on the porch of his farmhouse in the middle of his farmyard. All the action takes place here.

Step 1: Eustace is on the porch plucking some strings on the banjo.

                Eustace stops playing the banjo as he thinks he hears something.

He then looks towards the farmyard in curiosity; he continues to play the banjo in a slower tempo.

Step 2: He then widens his eyes in shock snapping one of the banjo strings in the process.

                He turns to the east as he glares to the distance of the farmyard where the danger is coming from.

                Eustace then stands from his chair slowly with his age making it hard for him.

                He then places the banjo to the ground and turns to a random Cockerel on a fence nearby.

Step 3:  The Cockerel turns to Eustace with a serious expression on its face as it nods at Eustace.

                Eustace nods back as he jumps in the air filled with energy as he rips his clothes off and reveals his superhero outfit and his hero physique.

                The Cockerel does the same and reveals its superhero outfit as well.

                The heroes fall back to the ground in their superhero outfits, standing proud side by side, The Crimson Corn and his sidekick The Mighty Cockerel.

Step 4:  The Crimson Corn then speaks into his intercom on his wrist to bring their vehicle round.

                A super charged wheelbarrow drifts round the corner of the farmhouse and pulls up in front of the duo.

                The dust fades from the drift the wheelbarrow made to reveal The Crimson Corns, WB2000X model wheelbarrow.

Step 5:  The Crimson Chin smirks as he then says “Lets rock” in a deep voice as they both jump into the WB2000X.

                He then puts his foot down on the clutch putting it into gear as he releases the clutch he puts he foot down hard onto the gas.

                The WB2000X roars with power as the wheels spin franticly on the dirt sending dirt and dust everywhere as the wheelbarrow shots of into the distance with unimaginable speed.

Step 6:  The Crimson Corn and The Mighty Cockerel are now off to fight crime.

                As the dust clears, Agnes is standing on the porch dazed and confused holding Eustace’s dinner, covered in dirt and dust.

                She then looks towards the farmyard to see in the distance a small dust cloud getting smaller and smaller as the heroes ride off into the horizon.

Unit 4: Logline, Premise and Synopsis

Eustace is enjoying a day on the porch with peace and quiet, playing his banjo as he hears a disturbance in the distance using his super hearing, he then rises to this threat and becomes the Crimson Corn, with his trusty sidekick The Mighty Cockerel and WB2000X they ride off in the distance to fight this evil living his wife who has just prepared dinner for him covered in dust and dirt as the dynamic duo race to action.
Typical 1960’s superhero show with the protagonist and his sidekick as their normal self’s as trouble arises the duo turn into their alter egos to fight crime and save the day.
A beautiful farmyard in the country side of west Texas a lonely old couple live there and own the land, growing crops specialising in corn and potatoes. Our hero lives there aware off an evil in the distance. He and his trusty sidekicks get ready for action as they shoot off over the farmyard to bring justice to this new rise of evil.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Unit 4: My Initial Ideas

1.   The first idea I had was a normal looking farmer still in his youth, overalls, straw hat the lot, giving the illusion of hiding his superhero abilities. One day he is working on the farmyard using a pitchfork to pick bales of hay and store them on the back off the truck. He then hears something way off into the distance with his super hearing but turns round to not see anything he stands there confidently ready to face what could appear. In the distance a dust cloud starts to form as something fast is coming to the hero’s direction. His eyes widen with shock as he sees that it is his arch nemesis on top of a sinister like wheelbarrow vehicle. The hero prepares himself for action as the Villain stops only a few metres in front of him standing on top of the wheelbarrow as the two stare at one another as the tension rises they dash towards one another and as the epic fight begins it goes to black and ends.

2.   The second idea was to go for a typical 1960’s superhero show like Batman with Adam west but with a twist of comedy and irony. It starts with the old frail farmer sitting on a rocking chair on the deck of his farmhouse starring towards the farmyard and to the horizon as he plays his banjo peaceful. The farmer feels a disturbance in the distance as his missing a note on the banjo/or plucks the wrong string/or the string snaps. He looks up to the skies with a menacing look as he says with his deep voice “Something’s not right out there, I best check it out” as the audience can see nothing wrong in the distance. He then stands and yanks his overalls off to revel a robin like superhero outfit on as his talks to videocom link on his wrist as a nightrider like wheelbarrow turns up around the corner of the house roaring with its 16V, 5.0 Litre twin turbo engine. The camera then pans towards the heroes face as he says with cockiness “Lets Rock” a cool theme kicks in as the camera pans between shots of him running to the wheelbarrow, jumping in, pulling the gearstick, putting his foot on the clutch and driving off into the distance with nothing but a dust cloud left behind covering his wife who is standing there on the porch with his supper confused and dazed.

3.   My final idea is quite similar to the first about the villain turning up but instead the wheelbarrow is the villain. It starts with the superhero in front of the farmhouse on top of some bales of hay looking into the distance, he is a protector of a secret area 51 base underneath the farmyard and the farmhouse is the way into it. The superhero is a successful experiment of testing to enhance human abilities to which give him the aspect of an superhero. There were two subjects though the other one failed and formed into the shape of the first thing that came to his mind, a wheelbarrow. In his normal state he is a wheelbarrow but when threatened he can change into a mechanical humanoid with the steel strength of a wheelbarrow to enhance his strength to make him a worthy opponent for our hero. The failed experiment turns up to the base they exchange words of humiliation and pride as the battle for them both commences to see who really is the failed experiment.

Any thoughts about which idea you think would be best or sounds the most original please leave a comment it would be much appreciated J Thank You

Thursday, 9 February 2012

@Phil Unit 2 - Avatar - Film Review

Unit 2 - Avatar - Film Review

@Phil Unit 2 - Edward Scissor Hands - Film Review

Unit 2 - Edward Scissor Hands Film Review

Monday, 6 February 2012

Unit 4: Maya Session

Here is the first Maya session of the 2nd semester with Alan we started off by watching a 15minute slideshow off different types of animation with different uses of camera angles and the different types of animation. Stop Motion: Object, Cell (Drawn): Rostrum Camera, 3D: Computer Generated and Rotoscope & Motion Capture.

Methods of Animation:
1.      Straight Ahead: Move Camera Click Photograph:

Advantages                                                                        Disadvantages

-          Natural Flow                                                                     - Wandering/Increased Shot Length

-          Possibility Of Improvisation                                           - No Planning

-          Creative                                                                             - No Director Control

2.      Pose to Pose:

Advantages                                                                        Disadvantages

-          Clarity                                                                                 - Interrupted Flow

-          Scene is Planned                                                              - Popping/Choppy

-          Structured & Logical                                                        - Unnatural

3.      Rotoscope & Motion Camera:

Advantages                                                                        Disadvantages

-          Instant Complex                                                               - Tech Restrictions

-          Quick Results                                                                     - Requires ‘Clean Up’

-          Tends Towards Realism                                                 - Uncanny Valley

After the slideshow and the briefing of animation and its methods we moved on to the basic off all animation the bouncing ball. Making sure you have to get the ball look as realistic as possible you need to do a varies amount of stages to pull it off properly such as the balls bounces and the shape of the ball as it hits the ground and comes back up. Here are some print screens of my process.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unit 4 - Component Mind Map

Here is a mind map that I created shortly after the brief presentation for this project. Once I did this a few ideas came through just writing random things that could relate to the three components that I was giving for this project. There was one for the environment which struck me and I liked it was an Area 51 base hidden underneath the farm and the farmer is an experiment that has super hero abilities who projects the farm from intruders and the wheelbarrow is his worst enemy. That is just a short description of what I came up with just from the Area 51 idea but I got a lot more I need to write down.