Friday, 10 February 2012

Unit 4: My Initial Ideas

1.   The first idea I had was a normal looking farmer still in his youth, overalls, straw hat the lot, giving the illusion of hiding his superhero abilities. One day he is working on the farmyard using a pitchfork to pick bales of hay and store them on the back off the truck. He then hears something way off into the distance with his super hearing but turns round to not see anything he stands there confidently ready to face what could appear. In the distance a dust cloud starts to form as something fast is coming to the hero’s direction. His eyes widen with shock as he sees that it is his arch nemesis on top of a sinister like wheelbarrow vehicle. The hero prepares himself for action as the Villain stops only a few metres in front of him standing on top of the wheelbarrow as the two stare at one another as the tension rises they dash towards one another and as the epic fight begins it goes to black and ends.

2.   The second idea was to go for a typical 1960’s superhero show like Batman with Adam west but with a twist of comedy and irony. It starts with the old frail farmer sitting on a rocking chair on the deck of his farmhouse starring towards the farmyard and to the horizon as he plays his banjo peaceful. The farmer feels a disturbance in the distance as his missing a note on the banjo/or plucks the wrong string/or the string snaps. He looks up to the skies with a menacing look as he says with his deep voice “Something’s not right out there, I best check it out” as the audience can see nothing wrong in the distance. He then stands and yanks his overalls off to revel a robin like superhero outfit on as his talks to videocom link on his wrist as a nightrider like wheelbarrow turns up around the corner of the house roaring with its 16V, 5.0 Litre twin turbo engine. The camera then pans towards the heroes face as he says with cockiness “Lets Rock” a cool theme kicks in as the camera pans between shots of him running to the wheelbarrow, jumping in, pulling the gearstick, putting his foot on the clutch and driving off into the distance with nothing but a dust cloud left behind covering his wife who is standing there on the porch with his supper confused and dazed.

3.   My final idea is quite similar to the first about the villain turning up but instead the wheelbarrow is the villain. It starts with the superhero in front of the farmhouse on top of some bales of hay looking into the distance, he is a protector of a secret area 51 base underneath the farmyard and the farmhouse is the way into it. The superhero is a successful experiment of testing to enhance human abilities to which give him the aspect of an superhero. There were two subjects though the other one failed and formed into the shape of the first thing that came to his mind, a wheelbarrow. In his normal state he is a wheelbarrow but when threatened he can change into a mechanical humanoid with the steel strength of a wheelbarrow to enhance his strength to make him a worthy opponent for our hero. The failed experiment turns up to the base they exchange words of humiliation and pride as the battle for them both commences to see who really is the failed experiment.

Any thoughts about which idea you think would be best or sounds the most original please leave a comment it would be much appreciated J Thank You


  1. I like idea 2, Nick - the idea of a farmer hero, with a wheel barrow 'super car' is cute - and if you included a sort of side-kick - a chicken, for example, the joke would be extended. I don't think you've got a proper ending though yet - it feels like you need a joke or a pay-off or somekind of reveal - give it some thought.

  2. I agree, definitely the second idea! I love that the frail farmer is the unexpected hero. Have you considered the wife also having a superpower. Yet another character change that is unexpected. Maybe she gets angry and goes after him all for something stupid, like the fact that dinner's ready and he's left!