Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unit 4: Character Bio's

The Protagonist:
Name: Eustace Stone
Age: 71
Race: White/American
Hair Colour: Silver, short hair on the side’s bald on top
Facial Hair Colour: Silver, short Billie goat beard
Height: 5’4
Body Type: Stick like feature, skinny, hunched over
Face type: long face, grumpy look
Best Features: His Super hero form
Worst Features: Hates youths
His Superhero form:
                Name: ‘The Crimson Corn’
                Height: 5'8
                Body Type: Not as skinny as before, up right proportion
Powers: Enhanced Strength, Super Speed, Durability against bullets and minor explosions, Enhanced Hearing,
Sidekicks: His trusty sidekick ‘The Mighty Cockerel’ and his vehicle ‘The WB2000X’
The Sidekick:
                Name: Pete/The Mighty Cockerel
                Age: 3
                Feather Colour: Brown
                Height: 1’7
                Best feature: Trust worthy and loyal
Worst Feature: Wakes up Eustace every morning at sunrise
Protagonists Wife:
                Name: Agnes Stone
                Age: 69
                Race: White/American
                Hair Colour: Silver, short curly hair
                Height: 5’5
                Body Type: Stick like, frail, hunched over
                Face type: Pleasant smile, gravity hasn’t been kind to her face in the later years
Best Features: Loving caring wife looks after Eustace, brilliant cook
Worst Features: Forgetful, oblivious to her husband’s alter ego.

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