Monday, 6 February 2012

Unit 4: Maya Session

Here is the first Maya session of the 2nd semester with Alan we started off by watching a 15minute slideshow off different types of animation with different uses of camera angles and the different types of animation. Stop Motion: Object, Cell (Drawn): Rostrum Camera, 3D: Computer Generated and Rotoscope & Motion Capture.

Methods of Animation:
1.      Straight Ahead: Move Camera Click Photograph:

Advantages                                                                        Disadvantages

-          Natural Flow                                                                     - Wandering/Increased Shot Length

-          Possibility Of Improvisation                                           - No Planning

-          Creative                                                                             - No Director Control

2.      Pose to Pose:

Advantages                                                                        Disadvantages

-          Clarity                                                                                 - Interrupted Flow

-          Scene is Planned                                                              - Popping/Choppy

-          Structured & Logical                                                        - Unnatural

3.      Rotoscope & Motion Camera:

Advantages                                                                        Disadvantages

-          Instant Complex                                                               - Tech Restrictions

-          Quick Results                                                                     - Requires ‘Clean Up’

-          Tends Towards Realism                                                 - Uncanny Valley

After the slideshow and the briefing of animation and its methods we moved on to the basic off all animation the bouncing ball. Making sure you have to get the ball look as realistic as possible you need to do a varies amount of stages to pull it off properly such as the balls bounces and the shape of the ball as it hits the ground and comes back up. Here are some print screens of my process.

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