Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unit 4 - Component Mind Map

Here is a mind map that I created shortly after the brief presentation for this project. Once I did this a few ideas came through just writing random things that could relate to the three components that I was giving for this project. There was one for the environment which struck me and I liked it was an Area 51 base hidden underneath the farm and the farmer is an experiment that has super hero abilities who projects the farm from intruders and the wheelbarrow is his worst enemy. That is just a short description of what I came up with just from the Area 51 idea but I got a lot more I need to write down.


  1. Hi – please don’t ignore this information – it’s important you order your animation materials NOW – delivery can take up to 3 weeks and you can’t participate in the animation workshops without the requisite materials. (If you’re organized already, ignore this prompt!).

    In the past, students have clubbed together to buy a pack of paper between them so at least they’ve got something to get started with; but trust me on this – you’re going to want a pegbar of your own!

  2. Evening Nick,

    One of the key aspects of superhero narratives is 'the origin story' - i.e. how Peter Parker got bitten by a spider and became Spiderman etc. Maybe you could think about a new superhero - something daft - like, I don't know - The Human Pumpkin - and your story could deal very humorously with his origin story; so, for example, ordinary farmer falls into vat of high-power pumpkin fertiliser following accident with runaway wheelbarrow - or similar; you could set up your 3 act structure in a flash-back scenario or similar. Afterall, most superhero and supervillain stories start off with some kind of 'accident', which leaves them transformed. Perhaps you could play this for laughs - with even a third act reveal in which your superhero's arch nemesis is revealed - as being something even sillier?