Monday, 27 February 2012

Unit 4: Character Development - The Crimson Corn

Last but not least ‘The Crimson Corn’ character development. His hero costume is to go with the theme of a 1960’s superhero show or cartoon that I wanted to go for, I have also coloured him in two different colour schemes. I would really appreciate it if anyone could leave a comment on which would be best out of the two colour schemes, couldn’t decide by myself.

There are quite a few changes with Eustace’s alter egos design, and firstly that’s the costume as well as his walking stick now turning into an extendable staff, he also has little wings on the back of his slippers.


Final Colour Scheme 1

Final Colour Scheme 2


  1. I guess if he's the 'crimson corn' he needs to be 'crimson' - lots of charm here, Nick - good stuff - but, remember what we talked about; do your level best to submit as complete a submission as possible...

  2. Hi Nick, sorry if I seemed uninterested in Maya on Friday - I had some mega-painkillers for my toothache :(
    The crimson Corn does have to be crimson I think! I like the little details like the slippers.
    I think something may be wrong with the angle of the head or the mask. (It looks a bit like a fly snout on first glance.

  3. I agree, it would be better if it was crimson. Love the Cockerel character too!