Thursday, 23 February 2012

Unit 4 - Character Development - Eustace

Sorry that this has taken a while to put up, I have had a lot going on recently with what I wanted to do with myself. Now that that phase is over and done with I can now crack on with the rest of what I have to do and catch up on the time that I have lost.
Here are the character development stages of ‘Eustace’ my main character within my story. I was stuck between two different designs off Eustace a frail old man with a back problem or a fat dopey type farmer. With time to think and assess which would be best I decided to go with Draft 1. (I know I should have consulted with my creative partners but it slipped my mind, I apologise). The other characters and prop were already designed and I was sure what I wanted them to look like without much development to the others.
Here is the development for ‘Eustace’ as well as the designs up to the final draft of each character.
Face and Head Designs of Draft 1 & 2
Draft 1 (Pencil)

Draft 2 (Pencil)

Draft 1 (Pencil Development)

Tone (Adobe)

Final with Colour (Adobe)

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