Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unit 4: Logline, Premise and Synopsis

Eustace is enjoying a day on the porch with peace and quiet, playing his banjo as he hears a disturbance in the distance using his super hearing, he then rises to this threat and becomes the Crimson Corn, with his trusty sidekick The Mighty Cockerel and WB2000X they ride off in the distance to fight this evil living his wife who has just prepared dinner for him covered in dust and dirt as the dynamic duo race to action.
Typical 1960’s superhero show with the protagonist and his sidekick as their normal self’s as trouble arises the duo turn into their alter egos to fight crime and save the day.
A beautiful farmyard in the country side of west Texas a lonely old couple live there and own the land, growing crops specialising in corn and potatoes. Our hero lives there aware off an evil in the distance. He and his trusty sidekicks get ready for action as they shoot off over the farmyard to bring justice to this new rise of evil.

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