Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unit 4: Step Out Line

Protagonist is on the porch of his farmhouse in the middle of his farmyard. All the action takes place here.

Step 1: Eustace is on the porch plucking some strings on the banjo.

                Eustace stops playing the banjo as he thinks he hears something.

He then looks towards the farmyard in curiosity; he continues to play the banjo in a slower tempo.

Step 2: He then widens his eyes in shock snapping one of the banjo strings in the process.

                He turns to the east as he glares to the distance of the farmyard where the danger is coming from.

                Eustace then stands from his chair slowly with his age making it hard for him.

                He then places the banjo to the ground and turns to a random Cockerel on a fence nearby.

Step 3:  The Cockerel turns to Eustace with a serious expression on its face as it nods at Eustace.

                Eustace nods back as he jumps in the air filled with energy as he rips his clothes off and reveals his superhero outfit and his hero physique.

                The Cockerel does the same and reveals its superhero outfit as well.

                The heroes fall back to the ground in their superhero outfits, standing proud side by side, The Crimson Corn and his sidekick The Mighty Cockerel.

Step 4:  The Crimson Corn then speaks into his intercom on his wrist to bring their vehicle round.

                A super charged wheelbarrow drifts round the corner of the farmhouse and pulls up in front of the duo.

                The dust fades from the drift the wheelbarrow made to reveal The Crimson Corns, WB2000X model wheelbarrow.

Step 5:  The Crimson Chin smirks as he then says “Lets rock” in a deep voice as they both jump into the WB2000X.

                He then puts his foot down on the clutch putting it into gear as he releases the clutch he puts he foot down hard onto the gas.

                The WB2000X roars with power as the wheels spin franticly on the dirt sending dirt and dust everywhere as the wheelbarrow shots of into the distance with unimaginable speed.

Step 6:  The Crimson Corn and The Mighty Cockerel are now off to fight crime.

                As the dust clears, Agnes is standing on the porch dazed and confused holding Eustace’s dinner, covered in dirt and dust.

                She then looks towards the farmyard to see in the distance a small dust cloud getting smaller and smaller as the heroes ride off into the horizon.

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