Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Research on the Fish Anatomy

Too start off I already know that fish are cold blooded creatures, have a back bone like humans and breath through gills that can be located behind the jawbone of a fish. Many fish have up to six fins which all work together to let the fish swim fast and efficiently for defensive and offensive encounters. These fins are the “Spiny Dorsal Fin” which is located on the top of a fish’s external anatomy, the “Soft Dorsal Fin” which is behind the “Spiny Dorsal Fin”, and the “Caudal Fin” which we all know as the tail of a fish. We then have the “Anal Fin” which is underneath the tail of a fish and before the fish’s vent (anus) the dorsal and anal fins also are used to help stop a fish from rolling other onto its side, There is also the “Pelvic Fin” which is on the base of a fish near the jawline and finally the “Pectoral Fin” which is based on either side of the fish to help it be more mobile. Even though the Broadbarred Firefish has all these fins they are hiding quite well by its amount of rays and stingers over its fins and spine make it hard to tell.

The bone structure of a fish is a lot different to humans by how it has no legs and arms they have bones for their fins and their tail. Other than that they have a skull, a jaw, ribcage and spine like humans do.

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