Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Unit 3: Further Research - The Shining Set Design

While researching I came across The Shining, I have seen it before and I thought and how it made me feel so unwelcomed and strangely nervous by its empty long narrow hallway’s, the silence throughout the entire hotel really freaked me out.

Stanley Kubrick was the director and one of the main producers of the Film adaptation and how he has envisioned the hotels interior to build so much tension by their vast corridors and ceilings that seem to go on forever, as it looks like it is overwhelming the cast. This to me gives the right sort of feel that I would like throughout my work to build up my scene.
Danny playing in the Large Hallway

Lifeless Corridor

With this last film still I liked the angle that it gives with the atmosphere already filled with tension this gives the fear of what could be in that room ‘237’ and if you have already seen that film the janitor tells Danny not to go in there, evil room, long story short, and only knowing that about the room it makes it even worse that you want to know what’s in there but really don’t want to know.
Room: 237

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