Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Unit 3: Thumbnails: 01-21

Here are the first lot of my thumbnails that I have sketched to try and build an uncanny scene using 4 out of the 5 ideas I had. The thumbnails are based around Hallways, Abandoned roads, Childs Room and Roadwork’s. The research of the Shining and Sven Fennema has helped bring out some thumbnails which I feel are stronger than others but I am only halfway through them at the moment so more need to be done before I settle on a thumbnail that I want to carry on with.

Here are the thumbnails 01-21. The first bunch of thumbnails 01-06 are based on a Childs Bedroom.

07-12 are based around Hallways

13-18 are based around Abandoned Streets

19-21 are based around Roadwork’s on a Motorway/Highway

The theme for all these thumbnails are to have a kind of uneasy, unfamiliar and nervous feel to them to give them a spooky atmosphere about them all.

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