Friday, 9 December 2011

Unit 3: Maya Session 1.0

This units final piece is based around Maya and creating an uncanny environment within the five week period. Firstly we had to go through some tutorials to understand and learn the techniques we will need to learn to create our ideas on Maya. We started by creating the rig camera, so that we can use these later on throughout the unit and for other animations and images. Unfortunately I did not save any print screens of my rig camera instead I have the texturing process of the Treasure chest that we need to do for this unit.
Firstly we had to create a sand color and bump, by using the source images that Simon gave us, I followed the video tutorial and went onto work with it through Photoshop and Maya. It was a quick process nothing to difficult. The next stage was to create the bumps and color for the coins, using the hypershade tool to create blinns and lamberts for the texture; it was a bit of a long process with the coins but once done. I was able to use this over again for the next Maya session.

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  1. Hey Nick, your Photoshop and Maya work looks good. what kind of ideas have you got for your project? I found the list of websites and artists on the brief really helpful. I'm not sure if you've had a look at them yet or not :)