Wednesday, 14 December 2011

@Phil Unit 3: OGR

Unit 3: Online Green Light Review

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  1. OGR 14/12/2011

    Hey Nick,

    Okay - we discussed your project earlier today, and I think the idea of the hotel is a solid one, and while, yes, The Shining is pretty much the 'last word' on unheimlich architecture, I don't see why you shouldn't resolve your own take on this particular sort of scene. That said, what becomes essential now is your attention to detail and sense of place - when/where is your hotel? And this attention to detail needs to extend right down to the designs on the walls, carpets, light-shades, colour palette - everything. You need to resolve a proper set of real world references to ensure your hotel reads as 'real' and probable, so that it can get down to its uncanny work. I can't find you any decent clips, but you should absolutely seek out and view the 'Heartbreak Hotel' episode from the most recent season of Doctor Who - a homage to The Shining - and a pretty terrifying hotel! This might help too:

    In regards to the written assignment, The Shining is the perfect case-study, but you'll need to ensure that your main body includes a clearly defined, clearly introduced explanation of the uncanny according to Freud - and this shouldn't be rushed or dealt with superficially - you'll need to demonstrate your knowledge of the concept with authority.

    Oh - a source that might prove useful: