Thursday, 5 January 2012

Unit 3: Door Knobs, Doors & Wallpaper Patterns

This here is some more in depth research about the designs of the door knobs, doors and Wallpaper textures to get a better understanding to be able to see what I’m modelling around and not just thinking of the top of my head and using these images within these influences maps to help.

These are images of different angles and designs of door knobs and doors to get an all-round perspective off how it looks. The way I’m thinking on how to go about design the textures to the door knobs is possibly a blinn and give it a reflection but of course need to trial and error with Maya.

Here are some wallpaper patterns that I have found which I really liked and feel will have a great impact for my uncanny scene of my hallway scene.


  1. Hey Nick - good to see you getting into the uncanny groove after all those mince pies!

  2. I like the wallpapers you've chosen nick. you should also research carpet designs like the one we saw in The Shining. The clashing colours and patterns would work well.