Sunday, 15 January 2012

Unit 3: Maya Session 3.0

Within this session of Maya it was the day before we split up for the Christmas holidays so to end the term with some Maya knowledge we started the tutorials on how to attach fur to models as well as finish of the lesson by modelling and attaching fur to Santa’s hat.

First off all I needed to know how to attach the fur onto a model, so I created a plain and clicked onto the Fur option within the top bar, once I pressed that a new set of tools and options showed up on the right and an option was created within the Outliner so I then went through the pre-sets on what fur there was available within the tutorial it started with Polar Fur so I did the same.

After adjusting the settings of the first default render I then added in some shadow to give it more of an impact for the final render.
I then started to move onto different effects that you can do with attaching fur to models by blending fur pre-sets (polar and bison) adding multiple fur pre-sets to one another using per cents to adjust the level of which pre-set is most dominant and finally lighting and shading stages.
  Blending Pre-sets

 Multiple Pre-sets

Lighting and Shading Stages

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