Monday, 16 January 2012

Unit 3: Independent Maya Session

Today I carried on with the modelling my scene using Maya I finalized the doors (without using a UV Map instead I used a Planer map, it was intentional it just happened and the doors actually came out ok after the rendering stage). I then added text which is something I haven’t done before with Maya, had some help from a very stressful second year, very kind of her and I thank her again : ) I used a gold blinn to make the hallway doors seem more hotel like.

I did put in the texture of the carpet and wallpaper in first before actually UV editing the plains which was silly and I have corrected, because they seemed stretched which didn’t look good. The carpet does seem to go well with a repetition of patterns which would drive any sane person insane, weren’t to sure on the wallpaper though, too much of a clash, going to try a blood red base with black patterns next time.

Today has been very productive and I got a lot done in Maya then I expected today, with the deadline closing I do feel the doubt of not being able to complete it in time for the presentation, but I’m hopeful and keeping motivated :D shame my Maya at home doesn’t think the same.

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  1. your latest combination of wallpaper and carpet is more successful compared to the choice of the blue wallpaper and brown carpet. The camera angle also works really well