Sunday, 15 January 2012

Unit 3: Maya Session 4.0

Within this session of Maya I started my modelling stages for my uncanny scene of the hotel hallway. I started by modelling the hallway scene using plains for the walls, floor and ceiling. I then added my pre-vis camera in to adjust it to the perspective that I believe would be most fitting for to gain and uneasy feel from the scene.

After sorting out the basics of the hallway scene, I then started the Door designs I made two different designs just in case I wanted to add the other model in to not have it so symmetrical. The doors seemed easy to model but of course going alone on Maya is quite daunting but anything is possible with the right mind set.

  Door Design 1: Draft 1

  Door Design 1: Draft 2

Door Design 1: Draft 3

Door Design 2: Draft 1

Once I got the basics of the doors done I then moved onto the door knob designs doing a basic ball joint door knob is the type that I want for my scene, it has come along fine just need to change the colour of it, brown doesn’t really go well and add some reflective effects on it from the lighting which will be in the scene later on throughout the designs.

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