Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Unit 3: Final Piece Progression

I started this day off by carrying on with the modelling stages for my uncanny scene by creating the elevator doors as well as the elevator shell. The inside of the shell will be where my Matte Painting will be placed. I have also changed the texture for the wallpaper, the other one I had did not work well, the new texture I have found has worked well and suits the scene and gives it a more eerie atmosphere.

The next thing I did was start the texture for the metal on the elevator doors I wanted to go with a red blinn and have it giving off a shine when the light hits it later on when I put the lighting in. I also but a metal bump on it as well it is a bit big and I need to adjust this on the UV texture editor as well as the tile on Photoshop to sort this later on.

After that I then moved onto the lighting as well as modelling the wall mounted lamp shades, I made the lamp shades with half a cone, adding a gold blinn around the rim and then adding a glow intensity as well as dropping the transparency down to make the model see through slightly to give the effect of the light bulb shining through the glass lamp shade.

I then used a spot light inside each of the mounted lamp shades pointing upwards to the ceiling to get a dim light around the scene with the highest light source from the ceiling bouncing towards the floor. I also modelled and used a blinn for the bin with the ashtray on top and created an area light for the elevator to get a stronger light source from within the elevator fading out onto the floor.

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