Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Unit 3: Maya Session 2.0

Within this session I carried on with the treasure cheat model, texturing it still. The first step I took was to carry on with the texturing of the coins. I finished the designs within Photoshop in the last session so in this one I created the blinn I needed to it as well as the other get the shine on the coins before I added the designs on.

Here is the rendered view of what the coins looked like

After that I then started the texturing for the goblet which was very simple to do because all I had to do was the same texturing which I used for the coins, all I had to do was delete the designs and keep the blinn and lambert. Here is what the Hypershade view looked like as well as the rendered view underneath that.

I then moved onto the map designs which did take a while, firstly take the UV layout by doing a snapshot then taking it onto Photoshop to then design a map making it look a little burnt and dried out because of the sun and sand. After that then bring it back onto Maya to then create the texturing for it.

Here is the rendered view of the map.

The gems where quite easy to do because within the tutorial it showed you how to create the right colour shade for the blinns within Hypershade and then all you had to do was use the same texturing but just change the colour to blue, red and green.

The barrel was probably the most tedious one out of the lot because I had to take the UV, create the design for it on Photoshop, bring it back onto Maya and then do it all again for the rim of the barrel to give it a more realistic effect, same process as the other steps it just took longer that’s all, still needs work to it, need to add the rust to the metal of the barrel which will be done within the next session or free time.

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