Monday, 12 December 2011

Unit 3: Uncanny

After going through the presentation that Phil had posted on myuca as well as Sigmund Frauds, The Uncanny essay to get a better understanding of the meaning of ‘Uncanny’ and Freuds views. There was one quote from his essay that did interest me and gave me some ideas to go down a route of a frightening and uneasy tableau vivant-style scene. “All one can say is that what is novel may well prove frightening and uncanny; some things that are novel are indeed frightening, but by no means all. Something must be added to the novel and the unfamiliar if it is to become uncanny”. (Freud, The Uncanny, 1919). This is the approach I would like to go with throughout my thumbnails and throughout my progress to give and unfamiliar meaning for it to be uncanny to some of my ideas
I like the idea of something that shouldn’t be there even if you could see it or if the audience can feel it. I have some ideas here are some of them:

-          A Childs Bedroom

-          A Hallway

-          An Abandoned Street

-          A Beach

-          Roadwork’s

I will be going into more research into Freuds, The Uncanny as well as other artists and theories to help get a greater understanding of uncanny to help with my thumbnails and the matte painting designs.

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  1. Hey Nick - just check your spelling - you're spelling Freud as 'Fraud'...