Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Unit 5 - Influence Videos Maniacal Cars/People

These influences are scenes and adverts off people/cars that give off the impression of ‘Maniacal’ which have helped give a better understanding of how I will design and make sure that the automobile will give off traits of insanity.

This first video influenced me by the style of the automobile, this is the kind of style I’m going to aim for (I’m going to do other styles and models but this one stands out most to me by its body and characteristics).  The red car to me gives of manic characteristics by its smile and when it starts to eat everything in sight the grill turns into a mouth with sharp teeth which really drew me in and has become a great influence so far.

Milky Way - Red Car/Blue Car (original 1989 ad)

The second videos is about different characters from films complied together with their maniacal characteristics and there manic laughs. Some of them do not give off much of an influence, but the rest of them like the bit before there maniacal laugh gives off some good impressions that I would like to incorporate with my inanimate objects facial features.

(Maniacal laugh)

The third video is a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’. This scene did it for me as an influence by the slow change of a sane man succumbing to the evils of the house turning him insane day by day. This scene is an influence to me by how the character portrays traits off insanity with his facial expressions and words Jack Nicholson character uses to expresses what he wants to do.
The Shining- Best scene ever!

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