Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unit 5: The Maniacal Automobile - Logline, Premise, Structure & Step Outline

The Story - Logline, Premise, Structure, Step Outline


  1. Hey Nick - great to see you're getting your head into the game - 2 things: I want to see some written work on this blog (animation profiles) before the OGR - and, in terms of hand drawn animation, have you really thought your story idea through? When I read it, I'm just thinking (and this is the voice of experience here) 'Nick will never draw all of this keeping the emphasis on great animation - as opposed to just getting it produced'. There will be ways to condense all of this down into something more minimal in terms of staging - give it some thought - and trust me on this....

    1. The story was kind of rushed to be honest with you, but now that you mention it there is a lot of scenery that would take a lot of time to do. I do have another idea that I have been thinking about an automobile that refuses to be touched in a garage, influenced by the Mike and Sully short from Monsters Inc. 'Mikes New Car', but with insane traits and more emphasis on the automobile then the character. What do you think of the idea? I'm going to do two animation profiles on Tex Avery and Hayao Mizakaki by the end of this week.

      I was trying to find you today between 9 and 12 but you may be busy, is it possible to talk into more depth about this idea and get a wider aspect of your knowledge on all this when you’re free either on Monday or through the blog. Thank you for your insight Phil.