Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Unit 5: Maya Session - Rigging Legs

This was quite daunting to me at first, because I still need to do most of the tutorials and put them up on my blog; I need to know the basics before jumping straight in the deep end. I actually did quite well got through most of the tutorial got the basics underway rigged the whole of the left leg and know moving onto the right, halfway done with the right so just some minor adjustments and I will post the rest of it later on as an extended ‘Rigging Leg’ session.

I started off by getting all the joints into place and making the leg look life like, after that moved onto the IK’s which is to give you controls of each point of the leg, for example; making the left foot turn left and right but not doing a whole 360 degree spin. Have to make sure that the settings are set with a maximum range and a minimum so it will look plausible. After that then moved onto making sure that the translates x,y,z were matched to the right parts of the leg as well as adding in other attributes, twist, foot roll, pirouette up down left and right, etc.

Once all the settings, IK’s and joints were all set up for the left leg, we literally had to do the whole same process for the right leg. Copy and pasting it would have been a much easier process but it doesn’t really work like that within Maya.

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