Thursday, 8 March 2012

Unit 5: Inital Ideas

1.     The first idea I have is off a cartoon style car and car owner, he is a middle aged depressed man with his life in a stuck end desk job, every morning he dreads going to work because he has to drive his Maniacal Automobile which frightens him every day by its excessive jittering and its major case of ADHD. Eventually he plucks up the courage to step into his car. As he turns the key the engine starts and his daily nightmare begins and he has to try to survive the journey to work and arrive there safely. This animation gives of a funny original style of crazy car filled with speed and craves excitement and a middle aged man who has a boring life and is dull and has no aspiration in life but with the clash of the two sounds fun and inspiring to do.

2.      The second idea I had starts with a teddy bear falling in slow motion onto the screen with sound effects of a car screeching and crashing. The screen then goes black and goes back to the very beginning were we see an insane car with overconfident skills driving furiously down streets and around corners and then with a slight distraction of light blinding the view of the automobile it swerves and hits to stand buyers waiting to cross the road. This then goes back to the scene of the falling teddy bear and then to another scene of the car depressed and alone either in a prison of some sort or a junk yard for used and broken cars. This animation gives off a good message of speeding nothing humorous about it but serious and provides drivers with a clear message.

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