Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Unit 5: New Story Development

Here is the logline, premise and structure. I still need to redo my script and step outline L sorry

Logline:              An Automobile with extreme enthusiasm and traits of insanity brakes down and needs repairing at the local mechanics.

Premise:             A slight mechanical problem lead this Automobile to be its own master but the price of freedom caused it to go insane and wore itself out and now its needs repairs to the parts that are broken and need replacing.

Structure:         Act 1: It starts with a car crash just before the title of the animation comes up, you then see a little worn out car heading to a local garage sad and broken, as it goes inside a mechanic comes in to assess the damage (you cannot see the mechanic, only  hear him).

                       Act 2: The car looks to the towards the mechanic as a hand approaches the car from off screen the automobile hisses and rolls back, as it protects itself from shock of the accident but with maniacal traits. The mechanic tries to calm the automobile down but things start to get worse before they get better.

                                Act 3: The automobile is now trying to escape, franticly knocking things over and revving its engine at the mechanic, as the mechanic tries to step back the car plucks up its last bit of energy as it drives into the mechanic going through a wall and into the distance as the camera stays in the garage looking out from the hole the automobile has made, you can see the automobile in the distance as it finally brakes down and smoke is now coming out of the automobile, as its insane traits killed itself and the mechanic.

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