Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Adobe After Effects Session 1.0

Within the first after effects session we were introduced to Adobe after effects, shown some types of animations and that have had after affects help make what they are today. After effects has had a much bigger impact in our lives then a lot of us know, undermining the role of cg artists in the film industry and so on.

We were asked to choose a picture from Facebook of a friend or someone we know and turn their mouth into a puppets mouth like a nutcracker. We were then asked to mess around with After Effects to just understand some of the features that we will be using throughout the next few weeks. The video has not been exported yet and my version of After Effects cannot support the UCA’s version so I will export it and have the video on tomorrow but I will add the image that I used which I edited using Photoshop as well as explain how the session went.