Thursday, 3 May 2012

@Phil - My Work so far

Hey Phil, sorry to be a pest if your busy at the moment but I was wondering if you have looked at some of my recent work around the thumbnails of the cells and environment for the 2D stage. Just wanted to know that I haven’t trailed off and everything looks ok. Please and Thank you


  1. just left a comment - no, everything looks fine, but I was just wondering about the hat, that's all - and I suggested that a slightly more tidier, graphical style might signal the 50s more successfully, as with the illustrations of Charley Harper:

    The point is to create organic shapes, but to keep the curves etc. tidy and clean - and use 50's style icons and shapes (from wallpaper and interior design etc.) for inspiration - you've already got it going on in your company logo you see...

  2. also, get a script to me asap for polishing; I definitely suggest you enlist the help of a pro voice over artist as well - dealing with the side of things is a good experience for students - collaborating, involving another artistic energy etc - it's all good experience.