Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Unit 6 - Commission Brief

Unit 6 has begun over a week ago and I have just got everything else out the way for the time being to concentrate fully for the rest of the time I have left on this project. Within this unit we have to create a 2 minute computer generated animation and pitch the idea, pri-viz, and animatic of the animation to a potential investor from another university. The theme to choose from is either ‘Cancer’ or ‘Aging’. I have chosen to go for the aging of cells through the stages of Mitosis and/or the stages of the cell cycle. The type of style I wanted to go for is a 1950’s anti-communism advert like the whole propaganda around the whole Cold War situation of the ‘Reds under the Beds’ a Russian spy living next door kind of feel. I wanted to stylize my animation around that for the cell cycle stages as a narrator comments for example “can you trust the cell next to you are they your ally or are the imposter” as the cell tries to pass through the stages of the Mitosis through the cell cycle.

Ok now I was never great at biology so these next few days will be interesting to envision how to create this and get back into science, but I’m confident that this idea will be strong enough to hold together and come out a successful animation.

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