Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Influence Maps and Further Research

Here are some influence maps based around the style I would like to go around to add better insight on my idea for the animation. The animation will be in greyscale, so there will be no colour but the effect that propaganda adverts have had on cultures in the past.

The first influence map is based on the style of the animation, blocky kind of pop art type of feel, I have a strong feeling that this will help to give my animation and impact and have a good clash with the 3D part of the animation, like for example the blocky pop up art could be the 2D bit where the cells are introduced and the 3D part could be the explanation and how it looks when mitosis happens throughout the cell cycle with the narrator going through the script in both parts.

The second influence map is showing cells and how I would like them to look throughout the parts of the 2D bit and the 3D bit, simple but effective to keep the idea of this was made in the 50’s.

I would like the narrator to have an American accent but with the proper annunciation and well-spoken attitude an American had in the 50’s. Here is a video of a narrator from a game called ‘Portal 2’ his name in the game was Cave Johnson and voiced by J.K. Simmons, this is the style I would like the narrator to have within my animation.

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