Monday, 7 November 2011

Online Greenlight Review - Unit 2: Space

Online Green Light Review Unit 2


  1. OGR 08/11/2011

    Evening Nick,

    Look - for the record, your Unit 1 written assignment was pretty ropey - but only because you didn't take the practical help on offer to you to better prepare yourself. Please - consult the 'Rough Guide' - follow the advice and your next assignment will absolutely be an improvement - guaranteed. I'll wait then to for an @Phil post re. your Unit 2 essay.

    Just a quick note; you'll need to upload your OGR document again, because you're missing all your g's. To prevent this, you need to first convert your OGR doc to a pdf, and then upload to Scribd. A PDF locks in your formatting. You and I know this is a Scribd formating glitch - and not your poor spelling, but a blog browser might arrive at another impression of you and your work... best get this version replaced.

    Below is a link to 2 posts on the group blog that deal with colour design - have an experiment with both, as I think colour is a key characteristic of your spaces - and again I encourage you to be bold.

    Think about it - you've been commissioned to create concept art for a CG animated version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth - and in animated features, colour is often used very expressionistically - not realistically - and audiences go with it - for example, consider this iconic scene from Fantasia:

    or this from The Lion King

    It feels like your a bit disinterested in your final scene - if so, get stuck into your thumbnails until you find something to excite you - or return to your original excerpts and consider a different take.

    The top photoshop thumbnail (page 10) I think is a view looking up at an enormous lava waterfall on the right of the image? - I like this composition - very filmic.

    You know, I think I just want to see you let go a bit, Nick - what's the worst that could happen? :)

  2. oh - and as expressed in your Unit 1 feedback - give your blog a spring-clean and a face-lift - time to inject some life here!