Monday, 21 November 2011

@Phil - Written Assignment Introduction

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for the help and support that you and the other members have dealt with my situation and I really appreciate it.

I know this is later then it should have been for the introduction but I had a few problems setting it up. One problem was I found a letter which I wanted to use as a source but it was from the Internet, I have checked the Harved method on myuca but it doesn’t show any examples of what a letter from the internet should look like on the bibliography. I’ll send you what I have put it down as in my bibliography if you can you double check for me just in case.
­­Written Assignment Introduction
Within this written assignment the investigation will consist of analysing critically the production design and visual concepts to Ridley Scott’s, ALIEN (1979). The research that will help evidence the assignments will be referenced from Stephen Rebello’s interview with Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Director Tales of an Alien; this will explain the process of shaping Alien: Resurrection into a worthy successor like it’s predeceases production designs and visual designs. The second source is a letter sent from James Cameron (in 1987) to Mr Leslie Barney about his inspiration to direct the film ALIENS from H R Gigers originality for the first film series adaptation, this evidence will help define the views off the production designs that Cameron is putting across about Gigers designs for this assignment. The final source is ALIEN Revisited: An Interview with Ridley Scott, by Steve Biodrowski (2008) is an interview about Scott’s experience directing the film and the challenges of the product designs, visual concepts, storyboarding etc., This will help to finalize the assignment before the conclusion gaining the directors perspective to analyse critically.
Here’s the letter reference and how I’ve laid it out in my bibliography
Cameron, James (1987). [Letter to Leslie Barney dated 13 February 1987]. New York. (Accessed on 21/11/2011).

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    This is the link to all of the methods of Harvard referencing. Should take a look at online newspaper/journal articles.