Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Unit 2: Photoshop Session 5.0

These are my concept designs that I have done within the 5th Photoshop session with Phil before the Crit for unit 2. I have nearly completed the first concept piece as well as the second concept piece.

The second concept I started it off with the silhouettes and using the colour palette map that I created for this extract I started to add the colours into the foreground mushrooms and then the middle ground mushrooms which are quite blurred from the distance between the foreground and middle ground mushrooms.

I didn’t want to go to the style of traditional mushrooms plan stalk and plan top with the same colour between the both. I wanted a more forest feel with them so I tried different techniques with using the texture brushes to add moss around the top of the mushrooms and a more tree like bark for the stalks of the mushrooms to get a more tree like design with them to emphasize the fact it’s a forest of giant mushrooms.

Near the end I started to add light sources in from the top right of beams of light trying to break through from the mushroom trees that are higher then what the viewer can see. From certain light beams that hit lower mushrooms I wanted the light to bounce off and add a bit of light maybe under the taller mushrooms from the intensity of the beams of light which are in the concept piece below.

I want to adjust this one some more before the Crit but depending on how the third concept piece goes I don’t know if there will be anytime, just need to see what will happen. But with what I’ve done so far I’m proud of these pieces and I’m looking forward to seeing these finished.

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