Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unit 2: Maya Session 4.0

In today’s session I carried on with the Maya work for the hotel design. When I last was on Maya I was finishing the cutting of the windows and starting the first ledge from the roof. Today’s work was mainly around finishing the ledge design and then using the Bevel tool to smooth all the edges out on the ledge, soon after I started Planer Mapping which I will go into more detail soon, after that I then started UV texturing them as well as merging them together using the Attribute editor.

Here is the ledge before the Bevel stage, once bevelled I then went and started on the Planer Mapping of each part of the ledge.

Planer Mapping was quite difficult to get to grips with but with the tutorial it wasn’t so bad, it’s all about trial and error. All I had to do was adjust the settings so that the UV would be facing the right way and wouldn’t have so much information per face of the ledge.

This is the top part of the ledge design, showing what it looks like with the bevel stage and the planer mapping layout with the UV hidden.

Here is a part of the ledge which has been merged and sewed together and placed anywhere on the UV texture editor, but it will be placed somewhere else later on when I have done all the UV texturing so there will do for now.

The last print screen shows what the hotel looks like so far with the top ledge all done and without having to do the pain staking process all over again it is simple as to copy and adjust pieces of the top ledge on the next lower level ledge which I have just started.

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