Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unit 2: Photoshop Session 4.0

Within this Photoshop session I used the advice that Phil and Photoshop Phil had given me about making my first concept piece have more cool colours in as well as making it more lava like and volcanic for the rocks as well as the lava. So within the time we had I used their insight to make my first concept piece stronger and carried on with my second concept piece as well as adding in the perspective lines to it for the horizon point.

On the first print screen I changed the foreground to jet black and started to add streaks off warm orange and red using the caligravic tool pre-set which is a good tool for lava. I then added more rocks into the lava waterfall and made the ones that are closer bigger and the ones that are further away smaller. I also changed the style of the rocks making more volcanic like.

These print screens is off the second concept piece and the process that I have got so far with this, the red lines indicate the horizon lines and the perspectives, I used a mushroom brush that I created with Photoshop Phil but I have seem to have saved it somewhere and now I cannot find it. I really liked the effect it gave too the background though, also I have used silhouettes off mushroom trees to put in the background as well to add to the effect that the viewer is looking into a forest of mushroom trees, just need to make adjustments and make it more authentic.

The last print screen of the second concept piece is more on the lines off getting more of the mushroom tress in as well as making the foreground have more of an impact. They are still silhouettes and have no major colours yet other than different shades of green but I want to add them in soon.

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