Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Unit 2: Maya Session 3.0

In the third Maya session I was much more concentrated and productive throughout. The main objectives that I accomplished within this session were the UV texturing for the roof and front of the building, which took forever, also the window layouts and the window and roof ledges.

UV Texturing was one of the most difficult things I have encountered with Maya and I don’t think I ever will enjoy doing but it’s got to be done. It took a while to merge all the points off the roof together and then extruding it to lessen the data within the roof so it would be three sections instead of 10 which I started off with; this was all done within Attribute editor.

Cutting out the windows was quite easy. Firstly I turned on the x-ray tool so the model was no transparent so I could see the front image behind it, I then used the edge tool on the model to mark all the points where the windows are using the front image as a guide. I then used the vector tool to then start marking different window points to shape them in the right position because some where not all in the right place so I had to make a few adjustment.

After all that I then moved onto designing the ledge which was a bit tricky at first by moving it into place deleting certain faces as well as adjusting edges and faces to get it into place and match the side image.

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