Thursday, 13 October 2011

Digital Concept Art Session 3.0

Within this session I forgot my pen drive so I had to create my silhouette from scratch from last week’s session. I got most of it done and I got the environment that I want it in on there as well. It’s all in black, white and grey at the moment I will be adding in the colour and texture this week and throughout the next. I wanted my hybrid to have a shy and embarrassed personality so I wanted it quite hiding from everything so I’ve added in a coral reef that it is next to so it can hide within the rocks if it feels threatened or ashamed of itself.

On the second image of the hybrid has a bit of tone features on its face, Photoshop Phil and I were getting some paint brushes sorted that would help me for tone and texture and also we did a ¾ view of the hybrid to get an idea of how the face would be proportioned.

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