Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Unit 2 – Space & Environment

Within this unit I have been assigned three parts of Jules Verne’s “The Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. I have never read it before or seen any of the films that have been produced around it. I feel that I am quite lucky to have this and feel like the content within these three parts will be a great source to create my own interpretation of what the journey to centre of the earth would look like in my eyes, I can’t wait to start getting some hard-core research out the way to start my idea development for this unit.

Jules Verne’s “The Journey to the Centre of the Earth


  1. Awesome this is the one I had last year will interested to see what you make of this project and what you produce in the end :)

  2. Hey man :D otis here! I have a Dvdrip of journey to the centre of the earth, just gave it to joey. its an awesome film and it will help you a lot visually. ive just watched it again and im full of inspiration :D