Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Maya Exercise 2.0

Within this exercise we went on to create more complex objects using what we learnt last week to create a magnifying glass and a pen. I did have trouble with this, only because I couldn’t seem to keep up with the tutor as he went through each stage, and every so often I would miss a part because I was trying to figure out another bit before that part so I kind of fell behind in this exercise.

But I have Maya on my laptop now so I will use the Maya tutorials that Simon has invited us to on the blog to catch up and learn more about Maya.

Here are some print screens that I took of the session of some of the stages I came across:


  1. Dont forget the tutorials on line Nick, follow those and you will get these finished.

  2. Hey Nick,

    I'm Jordan and I'm your mentor. I'll be here to help when projects start to get tough and you are in need of advice or feedback. I'll take a look at your work this week and get back to you with suggestions, but feel free to check out my blog:


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