Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Digital Concept Art Session 4.0

Today was a little different, and by different I mean the tutor wasn’t there so first of all…….damn. Anyway looking on the positive side I got some work done all by myself :D there we go pat on the back for myself. All joking aside I carried on with my new version of my hybrid silhouette as well as adding in some of the tone, the environment I would like him to be in and some final touches to the head design.

Through out the final week before the Crit I will carry on with finalizing my design, as well as other additional work, here is what I got done through out some of the process stages within Friday’s session.

Here is a side view of the hybrid silhouette at the moment it is only a draft and needs to have work done to it because I want to have this done for part of my presentation so sometime this week coming I will have to finish it.

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