Saturday, 1 October 2011

I’ve had some experience with Adobe Photoshop in the past, I used it last year for my foundation course using it to help create final pieces for some of my units and I used to have a copy at home but this was an old version though Photoshop 7.0.

Within this exercise I used my time to create a silhouette of the animal that I got for this unit which was the Broadbarred Firefish if I haven’t mentioned it enough already. It was quite difficult to draw using the graphics tablet because this piece of equipment is still something I’m still getting used too. The main aim of this first exercise was to get used to the feel of the graphics tablet and learn the shortcuts on the keyboard to create and draw concept are easily and efficiently without having to do it the long way.
Another technique we had to get used to is blending with the different paint brushes and learning how to control our drawing strokes on the tablet to create a more authentic piece of work.
Here are some jpegs that I saved from Photoshop CS5 of some of my finished illustrations:
Fig 1. Here is the first illustration I did, I used the tablet to and drew the silhouette in a block first and using the eraser tool to create the shape and then using the variety of brush strokes and opacity of the brush to create soft and hard lines.

Fig 2. This is the finalized piece of the silhouette one because I carried it on and added some detail in.

Fig 3. On this illustration I started again and wanted to do a much more detailed piece so I started from scratch and drew every piece individually, the only thing is I should have layered certain parts, e.g. the body, the head, the tail, the pectoral fins, the dorsal spines etc.

Fig 4. This is the finalized illustration with a lot more detail then the silhouette one and you can see the whole fish in this piece as well for a start.

Fig 5. This was a sketch that I did in a couple of minutes, just messing about really. I wanted to see how it would look like with a human sketch with the rays, fins, dorsal spines and antennas on a human.

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