Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Life Drawing Session 2.0

In the second week of life drawing we had the naked model for the whole session so we could get a better outcome of sketches to research and sketch the body better to proportion them properly.

The first sketch I thought came out well expect for her face, needed more work but I was still going by the technique I was doing last week by worrying about how the perfect the lines were which I need to break this habit and be more emotional with my lines aggressive, happy, thin, thick so feeling to my work.

The second sketch was more of an aggressive piece by how I was more rough and quick with the lines pressing hard and gliding my pencil over the paper with more emotion, which I liked overall out of the three sketches within this session.

Now the third sketch I was a bit lazy with the bedding the model was using and concentrated more on the body and the shape that she had positioned her body in and again I tried to make it perfect and worried about the lines, may have to get some more lessons in.

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