Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life Drawing Session 1.0

I have done life drawing before but only once and that was not with a naked model, so now that I was going to draw a model naked for the first time was quite new experince for me but it did help greatly, being albe to sketch the a live human body was good practice for me. It gave me a chance to improve on my skills and I don’t normally do human body sketches because I feel its out of my comfort zone but I did enjoy the session.

The first model we had was off Simon one of the first year students like me. We only had one live naked model so we had to share between two different groups. We drew the CGAA students (with there clothes on) first and last, we drew the naked model inbetween.

Simons sketch came out ok I believe I did work to hard on perfecting it which I should of went easy on to be honest but when time was running out I kind of went more freely with it and more scruffy.

The naked models one came out better then I thought, she was standing at her side and I don’t like drawing people from there sides only because it’s harder to get the proportion of there arms and other parts correct. There are weaknesses but that means theres only room for improvement really which is a good thing.

The last life drawing of the day was a student called Sammy she sat on a donkey in what I thought was an arkward postion for me to draw that is, but now I’m sounding like an old lady moaning. I did have a good time drawing these models and I surprised myself to be honest.

Sorry that the photos of my life drawings are so poor. I need to get hold of a better quality camera and the lighting in the house was all wrong and plus I bent the pages by mistake when they were rolled up so now they have lines across them. So for this I apologise but I didn’t want to leave them and not put them on till later, I like to try and keep organised and my blog.

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